We have the perfect oppurtunity for you! We are a non-profit 501-C-3 organization. Whether you want to volunteer a little or a lot, we'll have the perfect fit for you. If you can't find below what your are looking for, please call Christa at (509) 327-1584 x10. We really appreciate our volunteers here at Corbin because we know that without their help the Center couldn't function. We like to show our gratitude with special perks. Find out what they are.

Board Member: If you would really like to make a difference in the senior community, apply to become a board member.

Receptionists: You answer the phone, talk to people who come to the front desk, and show new people around. You take in money, write receipts, and put people on sign-up sheets. You also make sure the coffee station is ready for customers. This is a once a week, 4 hour, opportunity.
Drivers: You must be able to drive a 15 passenger van and have a clean driving record. You also need to have a First Aid Card or be willing to get one.
Newsletter Mailers: If you like to get up early to be part of a very congenial group once a month, come join us for the mailing of the newsletter.
Tour Leaders: Leaders design and escort their own tours with help from staff if needed. Call Tina at 327-1584 ext 13 to find out details.
Office Assistants: Whether you’ve ever worked in an office before or not, we’ll have some fun things for you to do.
Kitchen Helpers: Kitchen helpers usually work one Friday a month from 10:30am to 1:00pm. This job requires a Food Handlers Permit.
Thrifty Boutique Clerks: Help people find items they want and take money. This is a once a week, 3 hour, opportunity.

If you only occasionally have time, these jobs are for you:
* Set up or take down * Decorate the Center * Serve food * Clean up * Help with maintenance of the building and the grounds * Proofread the newsletter *