Thrifty Boutique

Stop by and check out what we have! You will never know what you will find here!

Thrifty Boutique   - Open: Tues., Wed., Thurs., 9am-3pm Additional Hours are Monday and Friday 10am - 2pm
Please drop in to Corbin’s Thrifty Boutique, located at the north entrance.  Our prices beat other thrift shops. You’ll find donated housewares, collectibles, shoes, women’s clothing, jewelry, books and puzzles. 

Many thanks for your lovely donations of jewelry and clothing to the Boutique! Summer wear-- capris, shorts, tops and sundresses are still available at reasonable prices. At present we are requesting volunteers for the boutique. If you are interested, please call Irene Schell, our Thrifty Boutique Director at 509-467-8030.

The Boutique is now open five days a week. Please come in, cool off and browse. Our gracious volunteer ladies are glad to help you. We at Corbin Thrifty Boutique are very grateful for the time and donations from so many of you. Thank you enjoy your summer!

We are deeply grateful to the dedicated men and women who volunteer their time to scheduling, sales, design, pricing, pick up and organizing.  

                                                   Your Friendly Thrifty Boutique Volunteers


Donations and volunteers are always needed!

Location: The Thrifty Boutique Shop is located on the upper level of the Corbin building, right by the Cleveland Street entrance.

Offerings: The Thrifty Boutique offers clothing, purses, kitchen items, books, knick-knacks, etc. From time to time, you can find really nice antiques.   

Donations: The Shop takes clean clothing for women, knick knacks and collectables, live flowers/plants, linens, books, kitchen things; pots & pans and dishes, etc. It does not take appliances, electronics, such as computers, VCR's, video players, exercise equipment, baby equipment.

Volunteer Opportunity for Thrifty Boutique Clerks: 
Duties include selling merchandise, accepting donations and sorting them to eliminate torn, soiled, broken items, or items not appropriate for our shop, pricing merchandise and displaying it. Boutique clerks are also encouraged to clean shelves and remove items that haven’t sold or are seasonal. A volunteer works a 3 hour shift either opening in the morning at 9am to 12 noon, or 12pm to 3pm closing in the afternoon. Some shifts have two ladies; some work alone.