Corbin Senior Activity Center

Welcome to the Corbin Senior Activity Center!  For over 50 years, Corbin has served as a hub of activity for Spokane's most active seniors. More than a destination, you will find Corbin more like Grand Central Station for seniors coming and going throughout our community while making the world their playground.  We provide multi-generational programs and services that enhance the health, happiness and well-being of the community.  Corbin personally invites you to come and be part of the action.

Upcoming Events

Corbin Veteran’s Lunch and Celebration

Spokane's history of service to this nation dates back to the founding of this city and this is Corbin's chance to honor and celebrate the generation of veterans that have gone before us. In honor of veteran's day, Corbin will be hosting a lunch catered by NordicSmokeBBQ for all to enjoy. Veteran's and veteran spouses, if your spouse ever served, can eat free!  All others are welcome for $10 donation! Come join your friends and fellow veterans at 12:00 noon at Corbin Senior Center to honor those who served. RSVP required!       Thank you to the Veteran Owned Business Sponsors below who made this event possible.